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As I mentioned on the previous page, my Avatar Intro is neither a sales pitch nor a lecture.

Instead, it's a valuable free workshop where together we will do some fun and valuable exercises to explore how beliefs affect our personal reality. (Sign-up form below.)

We will be exploring Belief Management...

Why is Belief Management important to the Avatar Course?

Beliefs have a greater effect on our success or failure than any pre-packaged indoctrination, technique, or opportunity. Invisible or indoctrinated beliefs that dominate consciousness, and stand as unquestionably true, are the root causes of individual suffering. These beliefs can be severely limiting or even self-sabotaging.

Avatar is a gentle, non-confrontational adventure in self-discovery. It is a series of experiential exercises designed to unlock the knowledge already contained in your consciousness. There is nothing you have to believe. Nobody is going to judge you, tell you who you are, or how it is.

In this Intro, you will get a first-hand experience of what the Avatar Course is like. Plus, you will get some Avatar tools to help improve your live and live more deliberately. You will awaken to new possibilities. You will learn how you can use the Avatar tools to change the blueprint you operate from. Discover how precious life is.

A FREE Avatar Intro consists of:

3 Avatars
  • You'll watch a 28-minute video recorded live by Harry Palmer at the International Avatar Course and,
  • You'll do some enlightening exercises in the Belief Management Mini-Course.

We will be happy to conduct your Intro (depending on available times and resources):

  • In your home or mine,
  • At a local Avatar Intro Night,
  • At a local Avatar Course,
  • In a coffee shop... or even
  • Over the phone.

Together, we'll make it work for you. Plan on 2-3 hours of fun and learning.

Which would you prefer?

Please fill in the form below with your preferences/questions, click the Send button, and I will get back with you to work out the logistics.

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Privacy and Spam Policy. When you use this form to contact us you will not be added to an email list of any kind. Nor will your name be shared with anyone for any reason.(Per your request above, I will contact you regarding your free Avatar Intro once only, unless we mutually agree to further communication.) I use this web-form above instead of an email link to prevent spammers from adding me to their spam list.

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Mike Hayden

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